Message From Deputy Managing Director

At the dawn of the new Millennium, selecting an institute for Medical education has become challenges for the students. While there is no shortage of colleges and universities offering medical education in Bangladesh, what is really required is the pursuit of excellence in terms of medical education, clinical training and research activities.

Nursing is a discipline that focuses on alleviating pain & suffering through protection, promoting health, wellness and prevention of illness/injury. A nurse is often a technical expert, an educator, listener, a counselor, a resource person & someone who uses all senses to better care of a person that differs patient to patient. Hence, RCNC stands here with full of pride for its Faculty excellence in their respective disciplines to impart learning and make the students self-learners so that they can keep up with ever-changing/challenging professional knowledge base once they graduate.

It indeed shall set stringent standards to ensure that graduates of this college meet the challenges of this noble profession in terms of knowledge, competence, ethics & commitment. Rangpur Community Nursing College strives to be a center of excellence in Medical Education. Let us join hand and make an honest beginning with determination. Welcome aboard.

Md. Asraful Alam Al-Amin
Deputy Managing Director
Rangpur Community Nursing College